H&K USP .40 Full-Size

Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting my Firearms page. On this page you may or may not see a very miniscule subset of the bullet hoses I own or have access to. I don't want to give too much away to the general populace. I hear sheep are easily spooked.

Springfield SAR8 and Bushmaster XM15 bullet hoses

All of my personally-owned firearms have the shoulder things that go up, and most have two or more. They also have one or more grips that protrude conspicuously beneath the action. Oh, they're all black too.

Anyhow, the meta description for this page is "Excellent firearms Kyle thinks every sane American should own.", so I guess I'd best start a list.


Everyone needs some kind of AK or another. Preferably the 7.62x39mm variety since there's not much point having a 10-pound rifle to fire a .22.


Everyone also needs an AR. It never hurts to be able to use the same magazines and fire the same rounds our law enforcement and military and other NATO countries use. You know... just in case.


I have no good reason for this. I can't conceal it worth a darn, but I love it anyway. Save yourself some dough and get a 1911.


Because .45 is the next big thing after .40.


There's no reason not to have one.


Remember to buy a lot and buy often. One can never have too much ammo.