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2011/11/02 5:02 PM

Just thought I'd point out how old the pictures in the Narcissism Circle are.

Heck, I may as well point out how old this site is and everything on it. Too bad there's nothing I feel like putting on here.

2009/04/23 7:31 PM

AW SWEET! Finally, an update!

Yes, friends, I have indeed updated the Gallery! Find enclosed one (1) updated Jeep Wrangler 3D model.

2009/01/20 11:18 PM


TWO new terms were added to my Blacklist!

2008/12/19 2:22 AM

Giant freaking intarded leeches of society.

Also known as "spammers". Apparently the beteltray was in state to the mosque down the royal garden path, but, unfortunately, it was hammered at the door.

What do they get out of sending me emails made of random words strung together? I made the mistake of leaving my dummy PayPal email address in plain text in the donation form so they finally found it. I've corrected that issue and removed the alias so I have the mild satisfaction of denying them.

They should consume feculence and perish.

It'd be really nice if PayPal would let us use an arbitrary unique ID in our forms instead of our email addresses. Really smooth, PayPal. Thanks.

2008/12/16 9:50 PM

Man, sweet new contact page is up!

2008/09/29 7:58 PM

Hot dang! My Blacklist has been made public!

2008/06/27 5:43 PM

I've made it really easy to give me as little or all of your money as you would like! Just check out the Donate button over on the side!

2008/05/17 2:01 AM

Sweet new pictograph now available in the galla—galla—Gallery, yeah. Ach.

2008/03/01 9:54 PM

I've created a very tedious video game. It's not fun. Play it now.

2008/02/26 10:54 PM

I rearranged the Gallery and added a new picture! Woo! For those of you who care (all zilch of you), the gallery is now fed from an XML file.

2008/02/12 1:50 AM

People of the Internet, I implore you. When you call for a medic, do not wait for me to run half way across the map, cross the open battlefield, dodging bullets, to get to you only to have you jump out into the spray of fire to perish upon my arrival.

That really ticks me off.

The least you can do is kill yourself before I attempt to reach you.

2008/01/18 7:20 PM

Heads up! A new page is up—the Gallery page—to rock your socks and kick in your face!!!

2008/01/16 11:34 PM


I'm wasting more time writing useless stuff no one will ever read. So make my life more complete and check out the new Software page. You will wonder why you are even still on this site.

2008/01/16 1:11 AM

Apparently I am being smashed by my own web site now.

Also, it has been exactly one (1) month since I last posted something here. However, "month" is not a very accurate form of chronological measurement considering that they consist of variable numbers of days.

2007/12/16 1:13 PM

234 years ago today a band of Americans in Boston, fed up with the taxes brought upon them by Great Britain, destroyed ship loads of tea. This served to tick off King George.

Now, we probably don't have anything worth dumping into the ocean, but what you can do is donate to Ron Paul's campaign. That certainly doesn't make the media or President George feel good, and it would definitely tick them off if he wins the election.

2007/12/07 1:29 PM

$1 billion in military equipment lost in Iraq!

Those twenty tanks and huge crates of guns and ammo were right here when I went to get a sandwich!

Remember when some nukes "accidentally" got loaded onto a plane and flown half-way across the U.S. before anyone realized the "mistake"?

I imagine it went down something like...

An Honest Mistake

2007/12/07 12:52 PM

V says you need to vote for Ron Paul.