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Howdy, folks. Welcome to The Gun Hub. Here I'll post pictures of guns I've drawn. Sounds exciting, eh? Maybe while I'm at it I'll rant about gun ownership in America and how the bureaucrats are slowly taking it away hierarchy is why we can't have nice things.

~Kyle Blizzard

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Name: Kyle Blizzard
Age: 17
Location: Everywhere
12/22/2003 10:56:47 PM
Just making sure this thing works...
Name: Blasted Thing
1/16/2004 1:20:03 AM
Should work when I post on it. >_>
Name: jeem brookover
Age: 17
Location: warren
Website: meetman
5/21/2004 9:30:31 AM
hatin on this $%@*. DUDE!! If u want a piece of jeem bring it, $%@#^*.

KYLE: All right. Insane Laugh

(Edited for entirely unnecessary language.)
Name: iCEpiK
12/25/2004 4:39:58 PM
does the meetman want to be carved ????? icepik
Name: Kyle Blizzard
Age: 15
Location: Somewhere
3/21/2005 8:24:34 AM
Dude I dont know how we have the same name but my name is Kyle Blizzard as well.
Name: teddybear
Age: 2
Location: Some mental institute
4/17/2005 9:05:42 PM
i know the REAL kyle blizzard! you're a fake!!

KYLE: You may know the REAL kyle blizzard, but I am the REAL Kyle Blizzard! However, you do get points for spelling "you're" correctly. Good job.

To all would-be spammers and griefers: You're not wanted here. Take your language and childish behavior elsewhere. If you don't like my drawings or my name, I don't care. Just don't make a moron of yourself posting here.
Name: Jonathan
Age: 17
Location: Classified
5/5/2005 12:08:32 AM
Cool pixels. Good job...

I like the M4's myself. They look the best in my humble opinion. Anywaym keep up the good work!

And... More updates. 8D!
Name: Jonathan
Age: Almost 18
Location: Yer necka da woods
12/18/2005 11:43:15 PM
Come on! You need to do some more updating...

I want to si MORE MORE MORE!!!
Yes... si.

Anyway... Uhm... Right.
See ya around.
Name: Kyle Blizzard
Age: 19
Location: taylor Mi
7/16/2006 11:54:45 PM
My name is kyle blizzard and i have a cousin named kyle blizzard. where are you from?
Name: Kyle Blizzard
Age: 19
Location: Backwater
Website: You're at it
8/30/2006 12:33:05 PM
I am located in North Georgia.

Who would've thought there'd be so many Kyle Blizzards?
Name: Kyle Blizzard
Age: 20
Location: Taylor mi
1/23/2007 10:35:25 AM
i'm wondering, if your middle name didn't start with an A, does it? I wonder if we are related somewhere down the line seeing we have the same last name. you can look me up at myspace and facebook. under Kyle Blizzard
Name: Kyle Blizzard (Site Owner)
Age: 20
Location: Behind You
Website: As usual, you're at it
2/22/2007 9:31:00 PM
It'd be nice if I got some gun-related posts here. Frown

There is a 1-in-26 chance that my middle name does indeed begin with the letter "A". Does yours? Smile
Name: crowley john
Age: 36
6/6/2007 11:43:46 PM
Add some specs, manufacture dates, other weapons, and
if you are doing a m-16 series start at the begining
of the series
Name: Kyle Blizzard
Age: 20
Location: Behind you
6/8/2007 1:07:21 PM
Name: yourmom
Age: 104
Location: yourmom
Website: yomoma
1/3/2012 2:35:56 PM
the coolst web site ever

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