Frequent Garbage

"You must be David's son!"
One of his sons.
(Upon seeing a window move from one monitor to the other) "Wow! How did you do that?!"
I just have a graphics card with two outputs... and two monitors to connect. You should too! You'll never go back.
"Are you really typing that fast?"
Yes. I call it "brute force" typing. There is no finesse.
"My name is Kyle Blizzard too! Can I have your domain name?"
No. A more appropriate name, I think, would be or However, there is a high probability that you are more a or kind of Kyle.
"i gave my freind my passwrd for my lvl 63 driud and he aggrod some bears and now hes gone. is there any way u can got him back?"
Seriously, does it look like we make video games that bring in millions of dollars per month?

Man and machine...