The Heroic Maximals

Airazor Maximize 194K

Maximals transforming 235K

Probes launching from Cybertron to find the Maximals 443K

Rattrap cutting through Tarantulas' web 129K

Cheetor's strange dream 575K

Optimus Primal "All units... MAXIMIZE!" 542K

The Maximals & Predacons

Airazor clobbers Terrorsaur! 634K

Airazor clobbers Blackarachnia! 428K

Sentinel blasts away Scorponok & Tarantulas! 844K

Cheetor clobbers Blackarachnia with her own missile!! 882K

Dinobot & Megatron fighting! (OOH! That ought to HURT!) 1.1 MB

Dinobot clobbering Blackarachnia! 272K

Rhinox slaggin' Waspinator! 230K

Rhinox slaggin' Waspinator (Again!) 736K

Tigatron coming up then blasting away Megatron! 971K

Unicron saying "Begin termination sequence" 157K

Waspinator getting squashed by a boulder 500K

The Evil Predacons

Blackarachnia Terrorizing 403K

Dinobot talking about Megatron planning a war 920K

Inferno flying around shooting things, that's all 266K

Inferno & Blackarachnia fighting (stupid Predacons!) 799K

Megatron laughing 288K

Inferno burning Tarantulas 589K

Quickstrike terrorizing 195K

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