The Heroic Maximals

The Maximals & Predacons

The Evil Predacons

Silverbolt: Who are you... For that matter who am I?132K

Silverbolt: Now that's just dirty fighting! HEY YOU! You've had your fun now leave him alone!
Inferno: Oh look! A hero! MY FAVORITE!


Waspinator: Da? Catbot cannot fly! 60K

Megatron: New packaging. same product. losers... 132K

Inferno: I don't need a weapon to destroy you traitor! WAH HA!121K

Quickstrike: Well, lookie what we got here. 99K

Quickstrike: Quickstrike... TERRORIZE! 49K

Silverbolt: Silverbolt... Terrorize. 96K

Quickstrike: Another one thinks he's tougher than me. 64K

Inferno: For the royalty! 91K

Quickstrike: You and me we's gonna tangle.. right here... right now!! hiss--AR!149K

Quickstrike: HE HE HE! Can't argue with the results though! 49K

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