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Wolf McDog: News at whenever!

Blick A. Blanks: Whenever there's new updates!

Sunny D. Light: On the Trio News Network!



Sunny D. Light: Thursday, October 2, 2003

Blick A. Blanks: <Grabs feather duster and dusts everybody off, including himself. Sneezes> Whew! I'll kill whoever locked us in that closet.

Wolf McDog: Ahh... AHH... AHHCHOOO!

Sunny D. Light: <Gives Wolf a tissue>

Wolf McDog: Thanks.

Blick A. Blanks: Anyhow, I added a little slag at the end of Sara's and my profile. Ha ha.

Wolf McDog: Friday, March 23, 2001

Wolf McDog: Anybody here ever watch TNN? No, I don't mean us, I mean the TV station.

Blick A. Blanks: Yeah.

Sunny D. Light: I dunno, maybe.

Wolf McDog: Well, that... that POP thing makes me NUTS! What the heck is it?!

Blick A. Blanks: Yeah. What's the point? It makes me crazy, too.

Wolf McDog: If anybody can explain this Pop thing to us, drop us an e-mail or tell us on the guestbook. Thanks.

Blick A. Blanks: And don't give us those things they say on TNN like, uh, "I live in a small town. It's real peaceful. That's Pop!"

Wolf McDog: I hate that.....

Sunny D. Light: ....O....K......

Wolf McDog: Guess you don't watch TNN.

Sunny D. Light: Monday, November 13, 2000

Wolf McDog: I done gots me a new piture. Fer da archives! FRY MAH HIDE!

Sunny D. Light: ...... Right........

Blick A. Blanks: Cool! You finally got some interactivity on this site, Wolf! You got a guestbook!

Wolf McDog: Oh, like your site is interactive.

Blick A. Blanks: It is! It's got a guestbook and a message board! Oh, by the by, people, go visit my site, Blick's Darko.

Wolf McDog: Thursday, November 9, 2000


Blick A. Blanks: Calm down, jeez...

Sunny D. Light: And it looks cooler than any of the pictures of the 3D WOLF! HAW HAW HAW!!

Wolf McDog: ....... I'll get a better one soon!

Sunny D. Light: Uh-huh.

Wolf McDog: Believe me, I will!

Sunny D. Light: Plus, I got a new portrait! HAW HAW HAW!!

Wolf McDog: Oh, joy....!

Sunny D. Light: Saturday, October 7, 2000

Wolf McDog: I fixed up the pictures archive so when you look at a picture the window it opens in isn't so ugly. It also fits to the size of the picture. Pretty nifty, eh?

Sunny D. Light: Whatever.

Wolf McDog: Whatever.. WHATEVER... Is that ALL he can say?!

Sunny D. Light: No! I can say the date!

Wolf McDog: ....

Wolf McDog: Monday, September 11, 2000

Blick A. Blanks: Wow... Wolf made a couple o' measly facial expressions for his 3D self.

Wolf McDog: Hey, man, it's progress.

Sunny D. Light: He can scowl and close his mouth now. Wow...


Wolf McDog: Later...

Sunny D. Light: HOLY COW!!! I was just made an official JEDI KNIGHT!

Wolf McDog: Congratulations, man.

Blick A. Blanks: All right!

Sunny D. Light: By the way, we got a picture of my girlfriend (Ashley) now. It's in the pictures archive and on her profile. Not to mention she's going to be helping us run the site.

Ashley Gray: Howdy everyone.

Blick A. Blanks: My wife's gonna help, too.

Sara Blanks: What's diggin', people? <Grins>

Wolf McDog: Oh, jeez. I'm dead...

Blick A. Blanks: Saturday, September 9, 2000

Wolf McDog: Uh... Well, I put up a picture of me in 3D. Not quite finished though. I just have to make facial expressions.

Sunny D. Light: Oooh... Will you make me in 3D?

Wolf McDog: How much money ya got?

Sunny D. Light: Uhm......

Wolf McDog: Heh, heh, heh......

Sunny D. Light: Friday, September 8, 2000

Wolf McDog: Blick added a profile of my former Jedi Master, Jack Rabbit.

???: AYY, sonny!!

Wolf McDog: <Looks> AAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Blick A. Blanks: What, Wolf?

Wolf McDog: <Looks again> Jack scared me.

Blick A. Blanks: Um... Wolf?

Wolf McDog: What?

Blick A. Blanks: Jack's not here.

Wolf McDog: Duh.

Blick A. Blanks: Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Sunny D. Light: All of the profiles are now listed in the navigation bar on the Internet Explorer version.

Wolf McDog: Well, pretty boring update, eh?

Blick A. Blanks: Hey, the other day we put up a profile of my wife, why didn't you have an update listed for that??

Wolf McDog: That is insignificant.

Blick A. Blanks: Says you!

Wolf McDog: Says me.

Wolf McDog: Thursday, August 31, 2000

Blick A. Blanks: Hey, it's us again. We forgot to put an update about the navigation bar on the Internet Explorer site. But I guess if you go to the IE version, you'd see it.

Sunny D. Light: Anyway, we updated the profiles with nicknames and species, with Blick's new background, and also added a profile for Ashley Gray, my girlfriend.

Wolf McDog: Yuck. I'M ALONE!!!

Blick A. Blanks: <Whaps Wolf> I have someone for you.

Wolf McDog: No you don't.

Sunny D. Light: Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Wolf McDog: Blick added a profile of Joey Zan. Um.... YEAH!

Sunny D. Light: You know what, Wolf?

Wolf McDog: Yep.

Blick A. Blanks: What Sunny was trying to say is, I also changed a lil' bit of things around in my profile.

Wolf McDog: Thursday, July 13, 2000.

Blick A. Blanks: Well, not much of an update. Just one measly picture of Sunny added to the Pictures Archive.

Wolf McDog: MEASLY?! Man, I make the website for all of us, and you say MY ART IS MEASLY?!?!

Sunny D. Light: Can it, Wolf.

Wolf McDog: No.

Blick A. Blanks: Wednesday, June 21, 2000.

Wolf McDog: Not that this is important or anything, but there's a new picture of Sara in her new look in the Pictures Archive.

Sunny D. Light: Also, there's a new update right here about this.

Wolf McDog: Sunny?

Sunny D. Light: What?

Wolf McDog: Duh.

Sunny D. Light: This just in! I just got a new picture by Wolf! YES!!

Wolf McDog: Wednesday, May 31, 2000.

Blick A. Blanks: A new picture of me, BY me!

Sunny D. Light: Now THAT'S a new one.

Sunny D. Light: Sunday, May 14, 2000.

Blick A. Blanks: A Tribute to the Furry Trio has gotten its own domain name, at

Wolf McDog: On Friday, March 17, 2000.

Sunny D. Light: The Trio News Network was added to your favorite Furry Trio website!

Blick A. Blanks: Josh and Lina's profiles were put up.