A Tribute to the Furry Trio

Wolf McDog: Welcome to our humble home! I am Wolf McDog.

Blick A. Blanks: I am Blick Alan Blanks.

Sunny D. Light: And I am Sunny Dee Light.

Blick A. Blanks: This is where we all play with our lightsabers and do stupid stuff.

Sunny D. Light: And we hide out from unwanted people.

Wolf McDog: Like Lisa, Lina, and Josh. You can find pictures of them in the pictures archive. Actually, only Lisa right now.

Blick A. Blanks: 'Cause yer too dang lazy to scan the better pics of them.

Wolf McDog: Hrrrmmm.....

Sunny D. Light: By the way, this place is under construction. So watch out for any falling HTML code.

Blick A. Blanks: Well, enjoy your stay. We'll be right here if you need us.

Sunny D. Light: Oh, this page has been visited Hit Counter times.

Ashley Gray: Want me to go press the refresh button a buncha times for you?

Wolf McDog: Heck, sure!

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